Friday, February 3, 2012

LOST Home in the Chronicle

Hello world!

It's that time again.  Time to blog.  I realize that most of these blogs are going to be a bunch of rambling about what's on my mind and what matters to me so forgive my blogs for not be grammatically correct or what not.  During the week I always get ideas of what to blog about but by the time I get down to write something, I forget what I was going to blog about!  Perhaps I should just make a note in my phone when I get an idea.  I could actually talk about a lot of things.  Most of what I think about though is usually a reference to a movie, a television show, a video game, a Youtube video or something random I witnessed/observed in public. Pretty geeky stuff.  I suppose I'll go by the same formula of blogging I did in my last post.

LOST.  I must say that show easily goes straight to one of my top favorite television shows even though I jumped onto the wagon before the final season started.  =/.  None-the-less, it captured my attention and heart. I bring this up because one of my friends made a small reference to the show the other day and so then I went through one of my obsessive phases where I just start looking stuff up and blah blah blah... you get the picture... Anyways, the show is a serial drama that follows several survivors of an airplane that crashes onto a mysterious island in the South Pacific.  The story is told in two different types of storylines; one main storyline taking place on the island and a side story that takes place in one of the survivor's life before the crash.  What makes this show one of my favorites are the themes that it presents such as life, destiny, faith, philosophy, religion, etc.  I highly recommend this show to anyone that has interest in mystery/science fiction/supernatural/drama genres.  I recently just found a user who has uploaded seasons 1-5 in 720p HD on Youtube.  I haven't searched if anyone has the final season, but here's the link: LOST.
Here's a fun song for the LOST fans that was made as the final season ended:

(Wow, I just figured out that I can just share Youtube videos here instead of linking them.  Now I'm going to go back to my other posts and edit them in.).

This week, Wong Fu Productions released their first episode of their new short, "Home is Where the Hans Are".  Be sure to check it out right here:

Also! Chronicle comes out today! I want to watch it.  Of course it tends to my geekiness because it's a superhero genre film!! Yeeaaaahh!! Check out the trailer!

All right, that's all that I had on my mind for now. If anything else pops up, I'll blog it... or vlog it! check out my first attempt at vlogging!  I don't know if I'll be doing it often although in the video I say I will try.  I kind of like writing better, but whatever.  I don't know.

Peace out world!

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