Friday, January 27, 2012

A Journeyman Proposed to His Girlfriend in a Love Language with a Fire Flower

Okay folks, there are a few things I'd like to blog about today but before I get to them I would like to thank whoever has read my past few blogs already.  I only know of one person who reads this blog and is the only one I personally told about this.  So thank you readers and pass this along to anyone who you think would like to know about the things I already have talked about.  I don't necessarily have a plan of execution for these blogs nor do I have a way to organize my thoughts.  As time goes on, I will think of some way to organize my thoughts. Okay enough of that.

The first thing I want to talk about is a television show that only went through half a season and did not succeed because it premiered during the 2007 Writer's Guild of America strike.  Yes, I know it's an old show and that it premiered about 4 years ago, but it still matters to me.  It's a great show! The show I'm speaking of is called Journeyman starring Kevin McKidd.  The series follows the character, Dan Vasser, a San Francisco reporter working for the San Francisco Register.  So what? What's so interesting about this show? Well, the thing about Dan Vasser is that he travels through time! Cool right?! But he can't control when or where he goes which then has an affect on his personal life.  Why does he travel through time? He travels back in time to help the life of a random person that is supposedly meant to change so that something good can happen in the future.  I won't spoil much about the show so you're going to have to watch it for yourself to see why this show matters to me.  You can watch all 13 episodes on hulu. Journeyman.

Also, I want to talk about is a video I came across on Youtube a few weeks back and thought it was beautiful.  It's about a guy who proposes to his girlfriend using internet memes.  I myself am not too familiar with all the internet memes out there, I only know a little bit.  There's not much more to say about it than for you to watch it.

And since I'm on the subject of Youtube videos, I came across a video my brother showed me and thought it was very cute.  Although it was a remake of an video already on Youtube, it received more views than the original!  Of course though, they are both cute.  I'll provide both of the links so that you guys can see both.  The main reason I like the remake is because it was filmed at a park not too far away from my home.  Without spoiling too much about the videos, it's about a boy who meets a girl at a park bench.

Lastly, I just had to add this last video because I  just finished watching it while typing up this blog.  This video is made by Freddie Wong and it's called Fire Flower.


Hopefully you guys enjoyed this blog and the links and everything I shared.  Share this blog! I will be blogging and posting things that matter to me and hopefully in time, they can matter to you.

Fung out!

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