Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing an MMORPG

MMORPG.  Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  Now I was never one to ever think I would play such a genre of video games because of World of Warcraft.  I shouldn't judge the people who play WoW because what do I know about the community of players? I don't know what their experiences are as a person or why they like the game.  All I know is that it's an MMORPG and that they like it.  How does this genre differ from any other, well in order to play this game you have to pay to play monthly.  The reasoning behind paying to play is because the developers who create the game have a team of people who work on the game to detect bugs or glitches as well as making patches and updates.  Those people can't do it for free right?  So that's where the players' money goes to or at least I would like to think it goes to.  You may or may not know, but there's a little stigma that goes along with people who play these MMOs.  Such examples would be parodies like what the comedy show, Southpark, told.  You could look it up and watch it right now if you want and then get back to this.  If you already watched it, then good for you.  The episode creates stereotypes among this community of players in a satirical way and it's enjoyable to watch and laugh about it.  That's it. That's the image people could possibly picture if they were to think of someone who plays WoW or such similar game.  Sit around at home playing WoW all day only to get up to eat and use the bathroom.  (Except in Carmen's situation... haha).  I can't say for sure that's how the hardcore MMO player plays because I haven't met or seen a typical hardcore MMO player and if I have, well I wouldn't know now would I?  

So why talk about this?  Well some of you readers don't know this, but I'm a Star Wars fan.  Now my level of "fan-ness" could possibly be laughable to those diehard fanboys out there so it's hard to claim myself as a high level fan.  But to some of my friends or people who know a little bit about me would say I really like Star Wars and compared to them, I'm like a super fanboy geek when in actuality I just know a little bit more about Star Wars than the average person.  If there was a survey and the question was, "How much do you know about Star Wars?", I would put "above average" and not "all-knowing". Anyways back to the point!  Recently, an MMO of Star Wars was released and I regardless of my thoughts about playing MMOs, I just had to play it because it was Stars Wars.  Also, I have to add to the fact that it was said this MMO was to delve more in story than any other MMOs have previously and so that little fact interested me more! I decided to buy it and play it.  I'd give MMOs a try and see what my opinions about it would be after.

After is here and no, I didn't even complete the game yet.  Not even a quarter way.  I only just finished the prologue which goes up to level 15ish?  I'm not sure. So a week or so of playing this MMO, I'd say it's not bad.  I wouldn't go as far as playing all out non-stop for days, but it's enjoyable.  The first thing I noticed when I first started playing was the complicated controls.  I'm pretty sure I'm still not playing the game to the fullest potential because I don't even know what the best combos are or what path of the skill tree to even go. A skill tree is some sort of path that you can take when your chosen character levels up.  It's kind of complicated for someone new to these types of games and I'm one of them.  It doesn't really matter though, because I'm playing the game mostly for the story and to understand more mythology and lore about the Star Wars universe.

Okay, I swear I won't always be talking about video games! I'll change the topics around, but these things take time... time I should actually be using to study for school. Speaking of school... this happens to me a lot...check this out...Internet Distractions.

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