Thursday, May 24, 2012

What now?

So now that I am finished with school, my question to myself is, "What now?".  Yes, I did not plan or prepare myself for what comes after graduating college.  Unfortunately my grades are not good enough to qualify for Grad school.  Unless of course I take all the classes over again at a community college to boost my GPA, but that will just take and waste too much time.  I somewhat have a plan, but I do not think I will share it here.

What I will share is that now that I am out of school for the summer, I now have time to do things in which I did not have before such as catching up with some video games!  Workout! Learn to cook? Pick up guitar again? I do not know yet, but I definitely should pick up some sort of hobby to keep myself busy.  Oh! How could I forget... perhaps I will reconnect with some old friends, but you know how that goes.  Either you have not spoken for too long and it would seem awkward to call out of the blue to say hi and to ask to catch up OR it may not be the awkwardness, but the scheduling in which someone may be too busy =/.

I just realized that school was pretty much my big social networking area other than work.  It was a place to meet a lot of different people and now it's just gone.  Well not gone, just not as available because it will not be part of my life anymore to be going to school and seeing so many new people to talk to or whatnot.

I feel kind of sad and relieved at the same time about graduating.  Sad because I will not see as many people or friends as often as I would have if I were to still be going to school and relieved because I do not have the stress of ridiculously hard class to study for!

All right, I guess that's all I have time to talk about for now.  This was just a super quickie update so peace!

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